My youngest daughter, Ruby, eating a mango.

My youngest daughter, Ruby, eating a mango.

What we eat and think, we become.

You can re-calibrate your body and mind by simply eating healthy foods and embracing the power of positive thinking. This will literally change the alchemy of you, and you will feel it. 

Balance is the only way. 

Balance of nutrition, fitness and everyday activities for adults and children alike. Every person has a unique way to achieve balance. Discovering your way might be the best gift you can give to yourself and others.

Your digestive system is central to your health. 

The digestive system is usually referred to as the inner tube of life because your gut is connected to everything. You might not even realize you are out of balance, until you find the combination of foods that make you thrive.

Nature heals. 

Herbs are nature's gift to heal the body. Personalized herbalism and Chinese Medicine are my best tools as a clinical therapist.