I am a Naturopath and an Herbalist, a therapist with an integrative perspective of western and traditional healing practices. I was trained in Israel and recently moved to the Bay Area with my husband and our two daughters.

My practice supports health and healing for children and adults.

I promote a natural approach to healing through proper nutrition, herbs, stress management, reflexology and deep tissue massage based on individual needs.

My mission is to help guide others to live a more balanced and sustainable life.

Although I had always been attracted to nutrition, my journey started through alternative medicine, massage therapy and reiki. I later found in naturopathy and herbalism what I had always been looking for, individualized and unique therapy for every person.

While pursuing my studies, I became a mother, and since then, children and women have been central to my work.

I want to create an answer for people who live in the western world - with kids and stress and work.

I am a solar person - when it is hot outside, I am on.  When it is grey outside, I am down; as such, I love spring and summer, the beach and the sea. I also love to exercise, running with my husband and zumba with my girls.

Everyone has their right path, and I take pleasure in helping them find it. 

Credentials & Affiliations

The Open University of Israel

Naturopathy (4-year degree)

Clinical Herbalist

Reflexology - Qualified Therapist

Massage Therapy - Deep Tissue

Clinical Herbalist Union of Israel

University of Haifa

BA in Israel Studies